The lack of policy in the field of publishing – a direct threat to the culture of reading

IMG_5409On the 13th of September Future Society Institute organized a discussion „Publishing policy in Lithuania“ during the opening of Vilnius Book Festival. Representatives of governmental institutions, private sector, art and culture industries came to the event and discussed about publishing policy, its formation and future prospects in Lithuania.

“For more than two decades inconsistency in policy-making concerning publishing industry has been apparent. Until now clear targets and measures that are necessary to assure the development and growth of publishing industry have not been set“ – declares the director of Future society institute Ervinas Korsunovas. He also highlights that non-governmental organizations should get involved into policy formation concerning publishing sector more actively.

During the discussion absence of legislative framework regulating publishing sector was emphasized. Topics of financing, reading promotion, regulation of book provision for libraries, quality of book translation from foreign languages have also been considered. A part of the discussion covered the future prospects of e-publishing and problems related to it. Conclusions and insights generated during the discussion will be used to provide suggestions for public institutions that are responsible for publishing policy guidelines and measures.

The following public figures participated in the discussion: V. Budienė (Chief Adviser to the President of the Republic of Lithuania), professor M. A. Pavilioniene (Member of Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania), dr. E. Furman (Advisor to the Minister at Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania), D. Mazintas (Vice minister at Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania), R. Jokubauskas (the president of Lithuanian Publishers Association), dr. M. Irsenas (director of publishing house of Vilnius Academy of Arts), R. Paknys (director of publishing house R.Paknio leidykla), professor R. Misiunas (lecturer at Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University), Dr. A. Gudinavicius (lecturer at Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University), S. Mudenas (director of offset printing house KOPA).

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