Special map of the main street of Vilnius center for the blind people

On the 3rd of December, 2013 a tactile map of Gediminas prospectus (the city centre of Vilnius) was presented in the Embassy of European Commission in Lithuania.

“This is a unique Project, since it contributes to the integration of the blind and partially sighted people into the society. Very often this group of people do not feel as ordinary citizens, just because they cannot move in the city centre freely. Tactile map is one of the vehicles that help blind people to overcome this barrier. We hope that this project will initiate the creation of tactile maps of other city regions, such as railway station and the Oldtown“, Egle Jokuzyte, the director of Business or Arts said.

According to E. Jokuzyte, despite the fact that non-governmental organizations and specialists do have the right skills to develop and create products that are adapted for the blind and partially sighted people, the main obstacle is funding. Consequenlty, a financial support from the government is crucial in order to improve the life quality of the blind.

This Project was based on the results of the research “Analysis of setbacks and opportunities for bling and partially-sighted people to participate in creative and cultural life in the society” done by Future Society Institute.

The edition “The Tactile map of Gediminas prospectus of Vilnius“ was part of the Project “Free movement of the blind in the cultural life of the capital“ and was partially financed by Vilnius city municipality. The Project was implemented by Business or Arts and Future Society Institute.

gedimino pr planasIMG_5547