Future Society Institute started a research about sponsorship in Lithuania

In order to foster changes in cultural policy, Future Society Institute initiated a research “National strategy of sponsorship for culture“. Lithuania is lacking sustainable culture development practices and strong sponsorship traditions.

“Sponsorship is rarely identified as positive strategic business tool. Any good action is related to charity and philanthropy, which has nothing to do with mutual benefits, partnership and strategic aspects of business. Therefore, it is crucial to educate the society, to improve the legislative framework and, most importantly, to form a responsible attitude towards culture” – claimed Ervinas Korsunovas, the director of Future Society Institute.

A research will consist of the analysis of economic, cultural and social situation in Lithuania as well as analysis of foreign good practice examples. Scientists and practitioners will contribute to the creation of Lithuanian sponsorship model. The goal is to adapt sponsorship strategy to current policy system, to draw the guidelines for the development of cultural sponsorship and form a positive society’s attitude towards philanthropy.

Currently Future Society Institute is forming an interdisciplinary working group of experts (representatives of governmental institutions, science, business and culture), which will help to form a strategy that is useful, relevant and can be easily applied in practice.

This Project is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and Lithuanian Council of Culture.