Principles of sustainable development are not considered when organizing cultural events in Lithuania

Modern society faces the challenge to implement sustainable development principles in various fields and organization of events is not an exception. In order to analyze the current situation and potential problems, Future Society Institute has done the research and has taken the interviews from the organizers of the largest events in Vilnius.

Results of the research revealed that most of event organizers are forced to choose conventional and unsustainable methods because of economic reasons and requirements of the clients. Nevertheless, sustainable development principles are partly implemented when organizing the cultural projects, dedicated to the strengthening of the communities and involvement of marginalized groups into social life.

Although there is a proven demand for more sustainable events in Lithuania, majority of event organizers are lacking knowledge of what steps should be taken in order to achieve desired results. Event organizers emphasized that more attention should be paid to the dissemination of information about sustainable development, its purpose, tools and benefits, while sustainable development guidelines could help to organize events that are more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

 Sociological research was done by order of Vilnius city municipality and is part of ZEN (Zero-Impact Cultural Heritage Event Network) Project.