Citizens can check their political views on the internet

“” – rational voting system on the internet. The team of active public figures, scientists and IT professionals offers citizens to check which political views are the closest to their own views and which candidates to Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania have similar opinion on various issues.

Website ( visitors would spend only few minutes to express their approval or disapproval about relevant statements related to economy, social politics, State governance, foreign policy and culture. Same questions were answered by members of different Lithuanian political parties. System allows comparing individual views with position and opinion of each politician. With the help of visual map of political values main differences between political parties can be identified.

The first time this Project was initiated in 2008 before the election to Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania and in 2009 before the election to European parliament and presidential elections. More than 400 politicians and 200 000 citizens participated in the Project. This year the methodology of the system was improved and any room for populism was eliminated.  The rational voting system was based on good practice from Swiss and Dutch experts.

Project „“ was implemented by  Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University, Association “Knowledge Economy Forum“, Future Society Institute and Lithuanian Youth Council. Project’s partners – The Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania and news portal