„Philosophical symposium“ – a new cultural Project on the 2nd birthday of Future Society Institute

In June 20, 2014 Future Society Institute celebrate its second birthday. On this special occasion during annual event in Vilnius “Culture Night“  our Institute presented a new piece of art.
In Teacher‘s House a stage reading of „The Symposium“ by Plato was implemented. The performance was called „Philosophical symposium“. It originated from the idea of promoting reading while conceptually combining theater and philosophy. Consequently, a creative workshop was organized, where several professional actors and amateurs were working hard to realize this idea.

Participants of the creative workshop: Remigijus Bilinskas, Kirilas Glusajevas, Darius Gumauskas, Ridas Jasiulionis, Tomas Kiauka, Ervinas Korsunovas, Darius Rakauskas, Rokas Ramanauskas, Arunas Mickevicius, Egle Mikulionyte, Kipras Kristijonas Simulynas, Vilma Raubaite, Jokubas Vilius Turas.

This Project is partly financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Council for Culture. A Teacher‘s House – a major cultural centre in Vilnius – have also contributed to the Project by providing a location for the rehearsals. We are very grateful for their help and willing to continue this ambitious Project.

It is expected that this initiative will help to find a niche in the amphitheaters in Vilnius and other regional cultural centres.

For your plesure some moments from event: