Vilnius City Municipality promotes sustainable events

In October 1, 2014  a meeting of Committee members and principal event organizers took place as part of the ZEN Project “Zero-Impact Cultural Heritage Event Network“. During the event,  organized by Vilnius City Municipality Administration,  external experts Migle Paskeviciute and Agne Raimonda Medeisiene presented Vilnius City Local Implementation Plan and Guidelines for Event Organizers and Participants.

The goal of Vilnius City Implementation Plan is to promote the development of sustainable events in Vilnius city by informing and eduacting the representatives of Vilnius City Municipality and the broader society and by applying innovative solutions that are based on foreign good practice examples in the process of event implementation. The aim is to engcourage event organizers to follow sustainable event principles and change conventional practices. More attention has to be paid to the environment, local service providers, cultural heritage, local communities and social inclusion.

Experts emphasized that in order to ensure the development of zero-impact cultural heritage events, it is crucial to achieve the balance between the economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions. Secondly, sustainable development should be considered in different stages of event implementation: planning, organizing, implementing and evaluation. Finally, sustainable event guidelines that are adapted to the Lithuanian context should be thoroughly followed.

In the discussion Project Committee emhasized the importance of inter-institutional cooperation as well as social integration. There was a mutual agreement among event organizers and Committee members that education and easy access to information is one of the main factors causing development of sustainable events in the city. This topic will be further discussed during the final conference that will take place in November 6, 2014.

This event is part of international project „ZEN. Zero-Impact Cultural Heritage Event Network“ that is funded by INTERREG IVC programme. Vilnius City Municipality Administration is a partner of this international Project.

Zemartas Budrys

Project coordinator

Future Society Institute