– nonprofit and non-political project that created an opportunity for citizens to make a better decision about which party and/or candidates to vote for during election to Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania.

The main purpose of the Project is to encourage citizens to vote responsibly, to help them to express their opinion about relevant issues and to contribute to the creation of politically responsible society.

Project is aimed at optimizing the flow of information and dispelling pre-election promises made by candidates. The major result of the Project is a newly established website, where visitors in few minutes can get the comparison of their and politicians’ position on various political and social issues.


We believe it is important to create a society, where:

  • Each person has a clear and strong opinion about questions related to the future of the country;
  • Politicians are fully accountable to their voters.

Is it important for you as well?

If your answer is YES, then we are inviting you to join and contribute to the creation of politically engaged society.