Zero-Impact Cultural Heritage Event Network (ZEN). The network of events that do not have the negative impact on cultural heritage. A sociological study

The goal of sustainable development is to assure the quality of life and the overall well-being of the society, by synchronizing the needs for economic, social and environmental development (World Commission on Environment and Development).

Based on the concept of sustainable development, a sociological research was done with a goal of identifying how sustainable development principles (economic, environmental and social-cultural aspects) are integrated into the process of event organization in Vilnius and what impact they have on city’s cultural heritage.

Organizers of the largest events in Vilnius were interviewed in order to identify the biggest problems in the field of event organization as well as best practice that can contribute to the sustainable organization of the events was presented.

Sociological study was carried out by order of Vilnius city municipality and is part of an international Project “Zero-Impact Cultural Heritage Event Network (ZEN)”.

You could find research report HERE.