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Our Work

The Future Society Institute, founded in 2012, is a non-profit entity dedicated to nurturing an expert community in the realms of creativity and innovation. It aims to enhance societal well-being, with a special focus on culture as a cornerstone for public spirit, creativity, and innovation. The institute's early projects included digital culture strategies, artificial intelligence training, and fostering partnerships and future communities.

With a vision geared towards the development of an intelligent society, governance, and economy, the institute is actively involved in policy shaping, engaging youth, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and NGOs. Its approach is rooted in applied interdisciplinary research, program development, and hosting educational and discussion-driven events.


The institute operates on principles of providing expert services to a wide range of stakeholders, contributing to societal progress and well-being. Its foundational values are creativity, innovation, and sustainability. This brief overview highlights the institute's commitment to fostering a dynamic, informed, and innovative society through its diverse and impactful activities.

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Green Energy Innovation Incubator GEIH

GEIH is a human and digital innovation solutions provider in the fields of climate change, EU Green Deal, energy transition based on Türkiye and Lithuania academia, business, non-profit organizations, and municipalities partnership development, GEH platform development.

WEB 3.0 Impact the Economy 

During the "Web 3.0" conference, the Future Society Institute hosted a session focused on AI in education, as part of broader discussions with global tech leaders and policymakers on the challenges and potentials of the Web3 economy.


Green Data For All

At the 2023 INSPIRE conference, the Future Society Institute engaged in key discussions on digital transformation, focusing on the development of data-driven cities and the sustainable implementation of the INSPIRE Directive for global and European benefits.

Lithuania-Ukraine Business Conference

The Future Society Institute presented insights and opportunities for starting businesses in Lithuania. The conference aimed to strengthen bilateral trade relationships, to explore the Lithuanian market and vice versa, fostering mutual economic growth and collaboration.

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